- BODE PRETO (Black Goat) is founded by vocalist/guitarist Josh Krigg (ex-Monasterium), who invites Pablo Erickson (bass) and Júnior Oliveira (drums), in Teresina, the capital city of Piauí, a state in the northeast of Brazil

- a Bode Preto logo is created by the Lord of Logos Christophe Szpajdel


- the Dark Night EP is recorded and spread online, getting many good reactions from the press, including reviews in Terrorizer Magazine (UK) and on several webzines like Lords of Metal Webzine (Netherlands)

- the band starts to work with master of dark arts Alemsahim

- the EP is released on CD by Satanica Productions (NZ) and on Cassette Tape by Narrowards Distro (Malaysia)

- Bode Preto plays several gigs in Teresina including Galeria Rotten and Perversa Sinfonia de Guerra festivals and at the now traditional venue Bueiro do Rock


- an interview conducted by Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste) is published on Lords of Metal Webzine (Netherlands)

- the song 'Sweet Fever' is included on Fear Candy CD (Terrorizer Magazine #201 - UK)

- a video for the song Sweet Fever is produced

- the band plays at IX El Khuru Infernal Festival in Fortaleza, CE and in cities like Caxias - MA and Floriano - PI, and is featured on Claudio Khuru's film Black Metal Além do Sol (Black Metal Beyond the Sun), with images and interviews captured at IX El Khuru Infernal Festival


- the line up changes, becoming a duo formed by Josh and drummer Adelson Souza (ex-The Endoparasites, ex-Grave Desecrator)

- the debut album Inverted Blood is recorded at Bode Preto's headquarters (Atlantis Studio in Teresina) mixed and mastered by Ajeet Gill at Hellfire Studios (Birminghan - UK) and released on several formats by different labels around the world,

LP 180g red and black vinyl, 45 RPM - Unholy Prophecies (Germany)

Digipak CD - Death Noise Productions/Läjä Records (Brazil)

CD - Ketzer Records (Germany)

Cassette Tape - Goatprayer Records (UK)

- the track Elytron (Succubus) is included on Fear Candy CD (Terrorizer #232 - UK)

- Bode Preto starts to work with perverse artist Marcio Blasphemator

- the band answers an interview to veteran Alan Moses (Glorious Times), who becomes a Bode Preto aficionado, stating that "Inverted Blood is going to be one of the most special releases in a VERY long time in extreme metal, not just from Brazil either, period."


- the band plays at Profana Aliança Nacional - Ritual IV in the traditional Fofinho Rock Bar, in São Paulo, featuring Fábio Jhasko (ex-Sarcófago) as lead guitarist, he also recorded 3 solos on Inverted Blood album, Israel Ferrão on bass, with Marly Cardoso (No Sense) as a guest on Elytron (Succubus)

- Bode Preto appears on a 2 and 1/2 page interview on DOA Magazine # 4 (USA)

- they also have interviews published on Decibel Magazine Blog (USA) and Terrorizer Magazine website (UK)

- Inverted Blood keeps on getting good reviews in magazines like Grinder (Chile), Terrorizer (UK), LOUD! (Portugal), Rock Hard Magazine - 8.5/10 (Germany), Slowly We Rot Zine (Romania), Lords of Metal Webzine (Netherlands), Old School Metal Mag. (Poland), Brutalism (NL) and is aclaimed by fans around the world, getting a 100% review by Anba Razen (Malaysia) on Encyclopaedia Mettallum - The Metal Archives

- Wagner Antichrist Lamounier (Sarcófago) makes an appearance on a Mystifier gig in Belo Horizonte, to sing Nightmare while wearing an Inverted Blood t-shirt

- Josh meets with Endrew Stepan (Starspawn Photography) for a photo shoot in a graveyard near Berlin

- the song Mother of Ferocity appears on Slowly We Rot Zine #3 (Romania) CD compilation

- the song Children of Suicide appears on The Legion of Tchort CD Compilation #13 (Peru)

- a video for the song The Erection of the Cross is produced

- an interview is published in printed Osculum Obscenum Zine (Brazil)


- Bode Preto plays for the first time in Belo Horizonte (Exhale the Sound Festival), at that time with Jhasko on lead guitar and Rodrigo Führer (Holocausto) on bass, from that day Rodrigo starts to be an official member of the band

- a video is produced for the song Amorphophallus Titanum, performed live in Atlantis Studio with only vocals and guitar

- Inverted Blood is re-released with the Dark Night EP as a bonus on a single CD by Craneo Negro Records. (México)

- the band is featured on a report about new bands from Brazil in Old School Metal Magazine #6 (Poland)


- Mystic Massacre, the second full length is recorded (again at Atlantis Studio and mixed and mastered by Ajeet Gill at Hellfire Studios), that time as a trio and having Goat (former VON) writing lyrics and recording vocals on 2 tracks, Dirty Honey and Parade, his parts were done from a far, being recorded in Las Vegas, USA.

- the band plays in Florianópolis (Floripa Noise), south of Brazil, for the first time

- there's a 3 page interview published in Grinder Magazine #31 (Chile)

- and a 4 page interview in printed Deadhead Zine #6.66 (Malaysia)

- Mystic Massacre is released on vinyl in Brazil by Läjä Records, having a limited edition of 300 copies

- the band signs a contract of 3 years with Iron Tyrant Records (Italy), that is the only label that Bode Preto has agreement since then


- Iron Tyrant (IT) releases Mystic Massacre on LP and CD, having a limited Picture Disc edition together with the 180g black vinyl version

- Mystic Massacre gets overwhelming reviews from magazines like Rock Hard - 8/10 (Germany), Terrorizer (UK), Deaf Forever - 8,5/10 (Germany), Brutalism (NL), LOUD! 8,5/10 (Portugal), Close Up #180 (Sweden), Grinder (Chile), Roadie Crew (Brazil), Old School Metal Mag (Poland)

- a 1/2 page interview conducted by Stefan Franke (Century Media) is published in Deaf Forever Magazine #10 (Germany)

- the full version of Franke's interview is published on Drunk in a Graveyard webzine (Canada)

- the one and only Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) sends a shoutout to Bode Preto, on his Rock 50 radio show that was aired on the 13th of August. "I tell you that I really appreciate the fucking t-shirt that you sent me, and thank you very much for the vinyls, it's much appreciated."

- Fenriz (Darkthrone) plays Wraith/The Stage and the Meadow from Mystic Massacre on his Radio Fenriz #15.

- the band is featured on the cover of printed Throne of Chaos Zine #3 (Portugal)

- the legendary João Gordo (Ratos de Porão) records a video review of Mystic Massacre

- an interview is published in printed Temple of Adoration Zine #10 (Germany)

- the band starts to work with malignant artist Rubens Snitram (Azoth Artworks)

- Bode Preto do a mini tour on the extreme south of Brazil (Mystic South Massacre), having Andrey Diniz (Antichrist Hooligans) on bass, playing in Florianópolis (Floripa Noise Festival), Porto Belo (X Fear Fest), and 2 gigs at Embaixada do Rock in São Leopoldo - RS.

- the band appears on the video program Mundo Metal #3, interview and live footages

- in December the band plays once more in Belo Horizonte, together with Holocausto and Impurity being part of A Noite Mais Pesada do Ano, that's when Bode Preto feels accepted by the pioneers of extreme metal in Brazil


- the line up changes once more, Adelson has to leave the band and Rodrigo concentrate his forces on the coming back of Holocausto, Josh will play with guest musicians from now on…

- an interview is published on printed Akkeldama Zine #3 (Brazil)

- the band answers a 29 questions interview to be published on the next issue of Old School Metal Magazine (Poland) conducted by Cristiano 'Cranium' Passos (original Necrobutcher member, actual Antichrist Hooligans)

- a 6 song 7" vinyl EP having Goat (former VON) on vocals and lyrics, called 'Dead Man Rise' is released worldwide by Iron Tyrant Recs. (IT)

- on the 16th of September Bode Preto plays on the IV Underground Metalfest in Fortaleza - Ceará (BR), with Bruno Gabai on drums and Rodrigo Magalhães on bass, alongside bands like Holocausto (BR) and Nunslaughter (USA)

- Bode Preto with a new line up with Trish Kolsvart on drums and Veronica Seterhall on bass and backing vocals supports Impiety (Singapore) on the Armageddon Supremacy European Tour 2017, on the following dates:

01.10 Berlin - Nuke (DE)
02.10 Tilburg - Little Devil (NL)
03.10 Oberhausen - Helvete (DE)
04.10 Weiher-Mörlenbach - Live Music Hall (DE)
05.10 Praha - Modra Vopice (CZ)
06.10 Gliwice - Mrowisko (PL)

07.10 Löberschütz - Gleisberg (DE)

20.10 Bucharest - Rites of the Black Mass II (RO)


- an interview is published on the printed Headbanger Magazine (Peru)

- Mystic Massacre is released as cassette tape by Into the Abyss Domains Records (Peru)


- a new album is being produced...


- a new album is being produced...


Goat Spells, the third full lenght album is released by Zeekingztar Records and licensed to Brazilian Ritual Records in Latin America.


At Live Music Hall, a live album recorded in Germany during the Armageddon Supremacy European Tour (2017) is released by Zeekingztar Records.


25.03 - Bode Preto plays in São Paulo [Brazilian Ritual Festival - Final Attack] with bands like Blasphemy (Canada), Mystifier (Brazil), Goat Semen (Peru), Witchcraft (Finland), Morbosidad (Mexico/USA) and more.